Shank-mounted tools in HS and STC
for machining wood, UPVC and aluminium

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Everything started in 1961...

...first as a contract turning shop in the parental home in Oberkochen,
founded by Reinhold and Karl Fischer, master mechanical engineer and master turner,
and then gradually growing so as to offer its own production for the manufacture of
shank-mounted tools for machining wood and UPVC.

In order to meet the increased need for space,
the business moved to the newly constructed company building in Aalen-Niesitz in 1971.

For more than 50 years now,
precision tools for professional trade and industrial applications
have been manufactured here under the registered brand name

and sold mainly in Germany,
neighbouring countries, and also worldwide.

The use of machinery and machinery elements
and the processing of highly diverse types of woods and materials
that have little to do with the original wood material
require the tool to be of the highest quality and to be constantly enhanced,
customised for demanding applications.

Needless to say, our tools meet the requirements of the
trade association and the standards of national and European associations.

The name NAPOLEON is well known, and
as our valued customers always assure us,
stands for quality and dependability.

We continue to adhere to the principle:
We don’t seek to be one of the largest but would like to be one of the best
in terms of quality and commitment.

Reese + Fischer GmbH + Co. KG