Shank-mounted tools in HS and STC
for machining wood, UPVC and aluminium

Alphabetical or numerical product list


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price in Euro
α angle / degree
AB guide pin
AG external thread
AL adjusting length
AR guide ring
AZ guide pin
B width
d diameter / bore
D diameter
DF V-point
E length adjusting screw
GL overall length
HS high speed steel
HSE high speed steel (cobalt alloyed)
IG internal thread
K cone
KL ball bearing
L length
LD left winding
li left-hand rotation
LL left-hand rotation
M metric thread
MAN manual feed • Manual feed means holding and operating work pieces and tools by hand, as well as using a manual feeding device or a manually operated sliding carriage.
MEC mechanical feed • Mechanical feed describes a feed mechanism for the work piece or tool that is integrated into the machine, and the work piece or machine element with tool is thus held and operated mechanically during processing.
MK morse taper
n revolution per minute
NB ream
NE nonferrous
NL drilling length
P register
pc piece
r radius
RD right winding
re right-hand rotation
RL right-hand rotation
S shank diameter
SFl driving flat
SL length of shank
SP alloyed tool steel
STC solid tungsten carbide
SW spanner size
TC tungsten carbide
TCT tungsten carbide tip
TS unalloyed tool steel
U revolutions
V spur
VB front drill
VE packing unit
W serrated grinding
WP reversing plate
Z number of teeth
Zsp. centre point
zyl. cylindric